"Beer as a luxury beverage"

The Beer

La Réserve Royale “Blonde” is the essence of our savoir-faire. This beer of brilliant gold straw colour is a very clean and balanced artisanal blonde beer with a great aromatic profile of Belgian origins. The top-fermentation and the refermentation in the bottle bring out a rich and creamy mouthfeel with intense flavours of floral hops that perfectly blend with subtle touches of yeast. We recommend to enjoy La Réserve Royale in our dedicated glass or in a wine glass at a temperature of 7 to 9°c.

The Bottle

Our vision of a XXIst century beer was reflected into a unique bottle inspired from Champagne bottles and their high-end finishing touches. Together with designers, glass producers, glass printers and illustrators, we created a bottle that is a unique statement in the beer world: a transparent Champagne bottle printed with 18k gold and finished with a true “coiffe” manufactured in Epernay, France. The back engraving representing la Réserve Royale’s proud deer was hand-drawn by the famous artist Ms Dzierzawska. Every bottle of Réserve Royale comes in an elegant printed tube packaging that helps it to preserve its flavours longer by hiding it from light.

Blason Réserve Royale