The Spirit


“A humble quest to Excellence”

The Passion

A combination of traditional expertise and 21st Century modernity, Réserve Royale is a prestigious Belgian beer to be enjoyed like a champagne. A tribute to the Belgian monarchy, as a prestigious ambassador for our country around the world, the name Réserve Royale also makes reference to the exceptional vintages produced in the world of wine and spirits.

 This creation took years to achieve and involved a great number of craftsmen – growers, master-brewers, chefs, bartenders and sommeliers, designers, illustrators, but above all, dreamers – each of one outstanding in his or her own field, highly skilled individuals with a flair for innovation and the ability to think outside the box, or in our case, outside the bottle.

We produced what we consider to be our work of art: the purest blend of our combined skills.

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A Modern Vision

Beer is the oldest, most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. After water and tea, it is the third most popular drink overall. As a result, most people think of beer as something very ordinary. But this is about to change. With Réserve Royale we aim to regain the recognition that beer so highly deserves.

La Réserve Royale is our vision of a beer for the 21st century. A product that can be served with pride at the world’s most prestigious tables or simply be sipped in the sun while relaxing at the beach – a product to exceed the desires of the modern consumer and one that will change our perception of beer forever.

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