Chiquita Royal


“A creation of Dawid Guzik”

The Recipe

Ingredients (for 2 cocktails) :

– 2 fresh bananas
– Cinnamon Powder
– Absinth
– 20 cl Apricot Juice
– 6 cl Banana Liqueur
– Réserve Royale Blonde

 Type of glass: Mason jar (36 cl)
Ice: crushed Ice (fill up 40% of glass)

Preparation :

Put some cinnamon powder on the fresh cut bananas and flame it with a touch of absinth. Blend well all the ingredients in the mixer. Pour 18 cl of premix and top with Réserve Royale Blonde. Garnish with a banana piece and cinnamon flame with absinthe.

How to

Have a glimpse on how Dawid Guzik achieves his cocktail creation, “Chiquita Royal”.

Taste Dawid Guzik’s cocktail at Octan’s in Luxembourg.

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