Royal Mary


“A creation of Hannes Desmedt”

The Recipe

Ingredients :

Mary White wodka infused with white truffle
Jasmin white tea syrup: boil 300ml spa reine water to 90°C, infuse 15 gr Jasmin white tea for 5 min., add 150 gr suger & 50 gr acasia honey, Strain out the loose tea and cool down
Mary bitter blend : 3 parts angostura, 2 parts peychaud bitters and 1 part celerie bitters infused with hazelnuts and walnuts
Saline solution : 200 gr spa reine water and 50 gr maldon salt
Mandarin sparkling powder : combination of candied caramel, butter & sparkling sugar
Mandarin garnish: fresh mandarin with mandarin leaf and clove
Réserve Royale Blonde

Preparation :

35 ml Mary white wodka infused with white truffle
15 ml Jasmin white tea syrup
5 ml Saline solution
3 drops Mary bitter blend
65 ml Réserve Royale Blonde

Steps :

– Shake with ice
– Double strain in chilled cocktail glass
– Top off with 65 ml Réserve Royale
– Garnish with fresh mandarin

How to

Have a glimpse on how Hannes Desmedt achieves his cocktail creation, “Royal Mary”.

Taste Hannes Desmedt’s cocktail at Café Privé in Kortrijk (
More info on Mary White Vodka :

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