Royal Passion


“A creation of Cathy Mutis”

The Recipe


4cl of “Cuvée du Moulin” rhum
1 Passion fruit
2cl of grapefruit juice.
1cl essence of ginger*
Réserve Royale
* put to rest some ginger into neutral grain alcohol for 2 months


Put ice into the shaker;
Mix the passion fuit, the grapefruit juice, 1cl of essence of ginger, 4cl of “Cuvée du Moulin” rhum and the rosemary into the shaker and shake well;
Pour into the glass with a strainer;
Complete with Réserve Royale Blonde;
Add a branch of Rosemary and clip it with a clothespin;
Finish by smoking the Rosemary branch.

How to

Have a glimpse on how Cathy Mutis achieves her cocktail creation, “Royal Passion”.

Taste Cathy Mutis’ cocktail at BOOS in Luxembourg.

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